Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I arrive in Frankfort, and after several hours get onto a flight to Berlin. I managed to remain clam in Berlin when my bags weren’t there. I’ve been shooting my mouth off a lot lately about the fact that I’ve never had an airline lose my bags before, so I guess I had it coming. No problem, now I don’t have to figure out how to get 94 pounds of suitcase on and off of buses, trains, and streets that are unfamiliar to me. I would, however, have liked to use that deodorant that Meg’s brother got me for Christmas, but whatever. I struck out trying to buy a student bus/U-bahn pass/tram (WAY cheaper), but got my bankcard to make Euros come out of a machine, and found a bus to get on, so things could be worse. I had researched a few hostels online and decided to head straight for one to secure a room for the night. None of them had single rooms, so I ended up in a 7-person room at a place called The Circus. Despite the name, it attracts a less wild, slightly older than crazy-college-kid scene. Still, it’s been a while since I shared a room with 6 complete strangers, so I wasn’t exactly stoked about it. It was fine, other than the guy who slept in the bunk above me. I’ll call him Disaster Boy since I can’t remember his name and since mine is more fitting. He sounded like he was coughing up a lung until he finally fell asleep. Fine. He’s sick. Everyone gets sick…not his fault. He was a complete mess though. He kept rummaging through his things and on at least 4 occasions dropped stuff on me! I wasn’t bothered too much the first couple of times when the loose change, etc. fell (and missed me), but when the cell phone landed close to my head, I let him know that it was a close call and that I was losing patience.

The big suitcase showed up tonight. I’m pretty concerned about the other one as it has a lot more stuff that I care about in it. I guess everything would have showed up had they not made me spilt it up, now wouldn’t it?

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