Thursday, January 10, 2008

DAY 10

Today we had an introduction to the VLB pilot brewery where we will do some of our practical work. Seems like a very nice system to work on. Also, I was pleasantly surprised today to learn that we have an optional class, Process Control Engineering. In this class, we will not only learn the capabilities and possible applications of the process and automation control system SIMATIC PCS 7 (Siemens), but we will also receive and additional certificate upon completion of the course. And VLB has done something really cool - They have outfitted a small glass brewery (in the same building as the pilot brewery) with SIMATIC PCS7. It is here that we will implement and practice our programming and hardware installation. Very exciting! I'm getting more thrilled about the program each day as the classes get more and more interesting and we meet more of the professors. I can honestly say that I really enjoy all of the staff so far. They come across as both experienced industry experts and skilled teachers. I also think they are doing a great job of starting with the very basics of each subject. I think that in the end, even very inexperienced students will walk away with a sophisticated understanding as long as they apply themselves. I guess my knowledge level of microbiology at the end of the program will be a good barometer.

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