Monday, January 14, 2008

DAY 14

There was poker at Turnerschaft last night. Any C-villians reading this will appreciate that I was first out...again. At least I'm consistent. The game reminded me of one of those serious poker movies where people have to be reminded to only speak English at the table...Because they did.

Today's classes were OK, although I think I'm somehow already struggling in Brewery Arithmetics, and the malt stuff is moving faster than the chemistry class, which makes it a challenge for those of us with little to no chemistry background. It'll be fine's not supposed to be easy. Also, we learned some really cool info about cone slopes, repose angles, bulk flow patterns, and other malt handling stuff (Plant Equipment class), all of which is very pertinent to the grist case that I need to hurry up and design for Roanoke.

My German friend Simon forgot his transit card today, which resulted in him being detained by the police, having to watch a junkie strip, being driven to his house by the police to get his card, and of course showing up to class late. Good times.

My adventure of the day was less exciting, but more confusing. I went to the laundromat. It was a humbling experience, which reminded me how terrible my German is, took a lot more time and money than I anticipated/wanted it to, and made me happy when it was all over with. There was a slide in class the other day showing water consumption by country. Germany had the lowest and the US had the highest. The Germans really have got to be the most environment conscious humans. Most lights in this house have motion sensors or timers and we have an on-demand hot water heater. Even the escalators at the subway stations are on motion sensors. Most importantly for today, the driers at the laundromat use very little heat. I'm looking forward to having my own washer and drier when I get back, but hopefully this place will break me of my other energy wasting habits.

Oh yeah, and the guy at the top next to me is the other American named John. He also has a blog which you should check out. Yes, in America we are all called John and all have blogs. John and I nominated Göran for class spokesman/key holder. He accepted and won without a fight. We're just glad that we don't have to be responsible for any of it.

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