Thursday, January 17, 2008

DAY 17

On the way to class this morning, Erica and I were waiting to cross the street at the only busy intersection that we have to cross to get to the subway. It was still a little dark and all of the cars had their lights on. I notice this motorcycle that seems to be swaying a whole lot. I can tell this because the headlight is jerking a bunch. I'm thinking this motorcycle is going to crash...possibly into me. As it gets closer I realize that things are not as they seem. This is not a motorcycle, but a bicycle that some guy had dressed up to look like a motorcycle. I stared at the guy as he pedaled by (which is why the handle bars/light were swaying so much) and he just stared right back, as if he were saying to me, "That's right, fool...I made my Fahrrad look like a Motorrad. What's up now!?" It looked like a touring bike. Like this one, but it was gold (spray paint), a lot less real, and had bigger saddle bags. I would have had a sweet picture for you had I not been completely dumbfounded at the time.

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