Thursday, January 3, 2008

Day 3

Disaster Boy woke the rest of the room up in the very early morning with more rummaging before explaining that he had to go to the bathroom and couldn’t find his room key card. I told him to just just go and knock on the door if he got locked out. I woke up several hours later when his key card fell and hit me in the face during another fit of rummaging. I guess that's what I get for staying at a circus.

At least it’s cheap. Overall, today felt better. In the morning, I made my first trip to VLB to scope it out and drop off a photo for my ID card. I had a lot of trouble finding it, and therefore spent about 30 more minutes in -6°C weather than I would have liked. I am VERY glad that I moved my heavy coats into my carry-on bag during all of the rearranging. VLB seems nice and the administrator told me how I could get a reduced rate on my transit card, so that’s a huge financial relief.

Next, I found the location of the room that I had been thinking of renting. The room seemed like a good situation, so I move in tomorrow. Things are coming together. I’d like to revisit this whole suitcase situation. (My backpack is still missing, so the topic has been on my mind) Here’s the thing: You can check (2) 50# bags. You have to pay something like $50 for every bag over the limit, and even more if a bag is over 70#. So, my 94# suitcase would cost me something like $100 even though I was only checking (1) bag. By splitting the same weight into (2) separate bags (under 50#) there is no charge. So the fee doesn’t have anything to do with fuel costs or anything like that, otherwise it would be based on TOTAL weight. The only other reason that I can come up with is that it might be more difficult for a worker to lift a heavier bag. So do they give that extra $50 to the workers?

p.s. Disaster Boy moved to a different bunk.

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