Wednesday, January 9, 2008


We had an organized visit to Brauhaus Mitte (local brewpub) after class today. They had Pils, Dunkel, Weizen, and the current seasonal, Zwickel bier (Keller Pils). We got a tour of the brewery and a tremendous authentic German meal. I wish I had a picture of the plate I was served. It was an entire boiled leg of pork that must have been twice the size of my own head. The brewery tour was pretty cool. They crank out A LOT of beer on that little system, and the brewmaster was very nice and indulged my endless barrage of questions.

My 7 day transit card expired at midnight last night, so earlier that evening I attempted to buy a "student" monthly card (much cheaper). I went to the subway (but it was the wrong one), got directions to the correct one, took a train, waited in line (everything seems to be a drawn out process here), and finally was able to present my student ID card and letter from school to get my reduced rate monthly transit card. I was then told that I also needed a photo. Who knew? That would have been helpful information that the school could have provided me with. When I asked where I could get a photo taken, I was told, "in the station." It was a big station, but after wandering a while I found one of those photo booths. I put money in, but it wouldn't take it. There were 2 people nearby promoting or selling something and I got one of them to look at the machine for me. He said it was "full for the day." It was after 7pm, and the BVG office closes at 8pm. He directed me to a "photo shop" around the corner from the station. It was closed, so I gave up.

So, I had to buy a daily pass for today. After Braus Mitte, I went to the nearby major station for another try. I found another photo both, but apparently I hit the wrong button because the photo that came out was a 4x6, not passport photos. Sweet...more Euros down the drain. Finally I got the right size which enabled me to present my student photo ID, my letter, and my new photo so that they could issue me a new BVG (transit authority) photo ID, which now enables me to by monthly tickets. I thought these people were supposed to be efficient..? If I ever get bored, I think I might take Erica's suggestion and try to present the 4x6 just to see what kind of reaction I get.

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