Sunday, January 20, 2008

Grüne Woche

So here are some of the beers that I've tried since I've been here. Not quite - that's actually part of a display from the German brewer's association, showing the 5000 beers produced in the country. On Sunday, VLB took us to Green Week (a HUGE week long fair). The brewer's association booth also had some great advertisements, such as: "Beer is good, ask a doctor." "Who drinks beer, helps the farmers." "Beer doesn't make you fat! Beer contains fewer calories than apple juice or red wine. Beer activates metabolism and contains hardly any sugar." "Beer promotes milk production."
The fair had exhibits for everything from knives and vacuum cleaners to hot tubs and cheese. Nearly every country was represented. The American showing was pretty weak. There were countries that I've never even heard of with larger exhibits. We had one booth and here it is...seriously?

Oh yeah, and most importantly there was an organ grinder in the subway. (Cue the circus music again: "RENT-DENT-den-na-da...")

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