Friday, January 4, 2008


The circus really earned its name last night, none more than Disaster Boy. I was the second one in the room to go to sleep. At some point during the night I woke up to a very loud one way conversation. I thought for sure that someone was talking on a phone, either in the room or directly outside of it. I recognized the voice immediately. It was the Australian (has a Chinese mother and a Japanese father) and he was telling someone not to come visit him if they were sick. The conversation lasted at least 1 or 2 minutes and was very coherent. Then he started singing. The singing abruptly transitioned into snoring. Sleep talker! And a good one at that. Several other rustling beds indicated to me that I was not the only one whom the sleep talking had woke. A few minutes later, I could see Disaster Boy get out of his bed and head for the door. (Thank you, Lasik surgery) One problem. To the right of the door was a tall mirror and Disaster Boy (who I now realized was very drunk) was trying to open the mirror rather than the door. I watched in awe, trying not to laugh out loud. Things stopped being funny really quick when after a 3rd attempt (which nearly broke the mirror) he gave up and decided to just use his current location as a restroom. I shouted, "hey! hey!! hey!!! that's not a door, it's a mirror. Left! Left!! The DOOR is on the LEFT!" (I should have been shouting "That's not a urinal!") He got the message either way and stopped. The sleep talking Australian got up and opened the door for him. Sleep Talker had to kind of shove him out of the door because Disaster Boy held on to him with a tight grip. A while later I heard some knocking at the door and realized that Disaster Boy was now locked out of the room. I quickly pondered whether or not I should let him back in. After all, he had just peed in the room in very close proximity to (if not on) someone else's bags. (Good thing the airport had lost my bags, otherwise it probably would have been mine.) I decided that I had probably done something equally as stupid/obnoxious (I turned off the comment feature, Chris Bernhardt) when I was ten years younger, and now it was my turn to be nice. Besides, at this point I wasn't 100% sure that the mirror pisser was Disaster Boy and I wanted to be sure. So, after more knocking, I opened the door. Identity confirmed. And the icing on the cake was that not 5 minutes later, the new guy in Disaster Boy's original bunk came home for the night. He offered a moaning Disaster Boy (who had just peed on or around his bags) help finding something with a flashlight and made sure he was OK before climbing into his own bunk. What a good Samaritan. I wonder if he would have been that nice if he had walked in a few minutes earlier. I can't wait to get out of here.

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