Saturday, January 26, 2008

Touring Berlin...finally

I've been in Berlin for 25 days and have somehow managed to see almost none of the city until today. School has kept us pretty busy, and the last few weekends have been cold and/or rainy. But after the practical malting work today, I talked John and Erica into accompanying me on what ended up being a really awesome tour. Our tour guide, Barnaby, was hilarious and extremely informative. If you ever go to Berlin, be sure to go on his tour.

We saw (and learned a lot about) The Wall, Checkpoint Charlie (which is a joke and is not worth seeing), Brandenburg Gate, The Reichstag, Hitler's bunker/grave (which frequently gets urinated on), an awesome memorial to Jews killed in the Holocaust, and more. I took too many pictures to display them all here, so I'll just cover the highlights...
1. West side v.s. East side. 2. Lola ran out of this bank. 3. Looking down into the World W/O Books reminder. 4. The Linden trees are all numbered (seriously). 5. Holocaust memorial. 6. Balcony where Michael Jackson dangled his kid, Blanket.

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