Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is the largest advertisement I have ever seen (notice the averaged sized human on the street for scale). More importantly, our program is divided into 3 modules, and we just completed the 1st module, as well as the exams that went with it. It wasn't pretty. This was the first time I've had exams in an academic setting in ~7 years. Since Friday, I've consumed too much coffee, learned some things, slept very little, reinforced some knowledge, and done various other terrible things to my immune system, but in the end my international colleagues and I are all a little closer and a third of the way to brewmasterhood.

Focused on the task at hand, I hadn't thought much about what the rest of my day after our last exam would look like, and if anything I assumed it would involve a lot of sleep, but the rest of the class had other ideas and we ended up celebrating the resignation of Fidel Castro (and the completion of our exams) at some Cuban place. Turns out, the owner wasn't as happy about Castro stepping down as we were. Many hours before that and immediately following our last exam, however, we all went to Lindenbrau, a nice little brewpub in the Sony Center, with good beer at tourist prices. It was here that my friend (and future Thailandische Brewmaster Idol contestant), Yoo, performed a chilling version of the Tennessee Waltz and Country Roads.

On the way to the Cuban place, Simon took a terrible fall on one of the giant cheese grater walkways outside of the Sony Center. What idiot thought it would be a good design to put this material all over the ground in an area where it rains half of the time?

I'm not sure that I feel like a third of a brewmaster yet, but then again I probably would have laughed a couple of months ago if you told me that I'd be drawing glucose molecules, discussing the effect of an increased steeping degree on endo-beta-glucanase, or describing the pathway of gibberillic acid to the enzyme rich aleurone layer of a barleycorn.

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