Saturday, February 2, 2008

Der Warnstreik

This was the scene all over Berlin Friday morning. The transit authority went on strike. No U-Bahn (subway), buses, or trams = a long, expensive cab ride to school. Fortunately, the strike is scheduled to end at 3pm today. How German is it to schedule and announce an end time for a strike? I wonder how many documents had to be stamped for that? Also, I might add that the English version of the BVG website has no mention of the strike.

We moved our germinating barley into the kiln after lab on Friday. There were a few pretty over-modified kernels trapped at the ends of the baskets where the caps meet. The reason being that water uptake is really high in those areas. It was cool to see what an over-modified kernel looks like though. John from Tennessee got a picture of one, so hopefully he'll put post it on his blog. He also got some good shots from lab today, where we determined the moisture and nitrogen/protein content of some malt and prepared a congress wort.

Also, John complimented Felipe on his shoes Friday night, and Felipe had the best response that I've ever heard to, "Hey, nice shoes, man." He replied, "Anytime." I think I ran the joke into the ground a little, but I thought it was hilarious...those guys crack me up. Certainly funnier than the 2 muffins in an oven joke that John Smith told my girlfriend. I love the diversity of my friends here in Berlin. I'll leave you with a German, a Brazilian, a Canadian, and 2 Americans being ridiculous outside of the snack bar at school.

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