Monday, February 11, 2008

"Not very fine"

I had another Circus experience Friday night. Sometime after 2am I heard the up-until-now extremely quiet and polite Danish guy next door, and some other male voice. I'm thinking, "Why am I hearing two male voices?" It soon became clear that this was one of those situations (I wouldn't know, but I've heard this happens) in which one guy is too intoxicated to make it back to his own room, so his drinking buddy gets him there safely and then leaves him to sleep and/or possibly die of alcohol poisoning. Minutes later I hear stumbling in the hall, some crashes coming from the kitchen and/or bathroom, and eventually some more yelling. Then the massive vomit-fest in the hallway begins, followed of course by more yelling. (I might yell too if I ever have to puke as much as this guy did) Great...Just when I thought I was finally too old to wake to the sound of yelling and puking outside of my door.

Saturday morning I decided that enough was a enough, and I set out to return the Logitech Messenger webcam that I had purchased from a small computer store here in Berlin. The idea was to use it to talk to my girlfriend back home, but unfortunately after hours of frustration with it, my terrible new Dell Inspiron 1501 with Vista (hate it!), and the even more frustrating, less than sub par support that I received from both companies, I decided to throw in the towel.

I planned out what I would say (auf Deutsch) on the way there, and upon arrival I delivered my speech: (translated) "I am sorry, my German is bad. I bought a Logitech Messenger. It is not functional on my PC. I would like to return it." I held my own for at least thirty seconds, and even reminded the young sales associate to not talk so freakin' fast because my German is bad and I need you to speak SLOW-LY. ...PLEASE. Eventually, we hit a wall and he reluctantly said, "I could speak English if you want?" I told him that'd be great and explained that I had spent countless hours communicating with awful support and that while the camera itself is good (I had tested it on another PC) it just wasn't going to work on mine. He disappeared in the back for a while and when he came out, he said, "Vee vill test it on zee Vista machine." I told him that was fine, but I already knew that it would work. It takes about 15 minutes to install (each time) so I stood there and watched. The bottom of the box was slightly torn, where I had opened it, and once the test proved successful he said, "Vee have a problem beecause zee camera works an zee box is not...very fine." After a couple of rounds of that I just walked out. He tried to hand it back to me and I told him to keep it, it wasn't going to do me any good and I didn't ever want to see it again.

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