Friday, March 14, 2008

The day Felipe didn't eat McBroble's

Our class traveled to Kulmbach this week for the 95th International Brewing and Engineering Congress. It was similar to the American Craft Brewers Conference in a lot of ways, except the crowd was only about a third of the size, it was much more professional, the seminars were more advanced, and the food and beer was a lot better. Most of the lectures were in German, but were translated via headset, so it was kind of like being at the European Union...of beer.

On the way to Kulmbach, we stopped at Brauereimaschinenfabrik (my new favorite German word, weighing in at only 23 letters) company, Kasper Schulz, where we learned about the SchoKo soft wort boiling system and toured their impressive facility. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos inside of Schulz. We had to dress professionally for all events, which also meant that John's compliment on Felipe's shoes (See earlier post) had finally paid off. It was now time for him to collect on the offer to borrow Felipe's shoes "anytime," so he did.

We had the option of touring Ireks maltery or Kulmbacher Brauerei. I went to the maltery, where we also saw a lot of bakery ingredients processing done by giant robots. During a break Felipe and Johns had a beer outside in the quaint little town. We were a little alarmed when this drove right by us.

The ride back home was devastating for Felipe. You see, he has an obsession with McDonald's. It's so bad that we have all banned him from even saying the word McDonald's, so now he says McBroble's and other ridiculous variations. Burghard (our fearless chaperon) had the bus stop at McDonald's and offered to pay for the entire class. Amidst Ronald, Grimace, and the gang, and the distinct mouth-watering aroma, Felipe's euphoria quickly came to an end when we found out that McDonald's didn't take credit cards and we would therefore continue on to the next stop.

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