Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ein Megliner

No, I haven't been on strike (although the BVG has again - 10 days this time!), I've just be spending time with my girlfriend. Meg got here two Fridays ago and we had a great time. We toured around Berlin a little - saw The Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, The Gemaeldegalerie, The New National Gallery, and we went to the Jewish museum where they had Friends, Pope, and Batman yamikas. We went to the movies at the Sony Center, where we had assigned seats and it was a really good thing that we bought our tickets ahead of time.

We also went to Potsdam for a day, which was awesome and not long enough. In addition to all of the enormous old palaces and gardens, Dutch houses, hanging rhino, and Russian village we also toured a historic windmill. We got to see the inside of it (while it was turning!) and went out on the deck and watched the operator reposition the sails. Meg met most of my classmates and I showed her some of VLB, where she even tried out a historic bottle filler. It was great having her here and I sure will miss her.

I still have part 3 of Bavaria coming and some other tidbits, but we're off to the 95th International Brewing and Engineering Congress in Kulmbach in the morning, so it'll have to wait...

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