Monday, March 31, 2008


Felipe had a birthday last week. I'm not sure if he turned 25 or 5, but since he has a ridiculous obsession with McDonald's, we decided to take him there for his birthday party. He was lovin' it. We asked the cashier for birthday hats, but apparently they don't do that in Berlin. After they said no, John Lane asked if we could just have one of the paper hats that the guy flipping burgers had on. No again! (Stupid birthday nazis.) But it was alright, we drank Bitburger out of paper cups, ate some "schmecktakel" food, and I even talked the cashier into giving us a single fry (we had already eaten all of ours) so that John could light it on fire while we sang happy birthday. Afterwards, we went to the mystery bar that John finally found, where we bought a beer with a sheep on the label and another with a wolf. This resulted in the following video, which isn't all that funny unless you pay close attention to the way that Felipe "barks." It really sounds pretty ridiculous and nothing at all like a wolf. I guess they don't have wolves in Brazil.

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