Saturday, April 19, 2008

Did I mention that I hate computers?

I'd post some pictures, but I don't have any. In fact, I don't have any files anymore. I bought a Dell Inspiron 1501 with Vista Home Basic before I departed for Germany. It will be the last Dell (and Microsoft) product that I buy. I've had a lot of operating system issues with the machine and on Monday my user profile became corrupt for the second time. The first time it was fixed by a Dell rep who connected to my machine remotely, found my files and fixed the problem. Pretty cool. This time after many hours working with Dell reps remotely, they could not fix the problem and as a result of the many other issues that I was having, they urged me to do a factory image restore (reformat the hard drive).

My computer came with a program called Dell Data Safe, which automatically backs up some of your files weekly to a shack in West Virginia with a telephone line and a Commodore 64. Since Data Safe had run and "successfully" backed up my files Monday morning, I figured hey, no problem. Let's start over with a fresh machine, get Vista's new service pack 1 (which I am still unable to get even though I have all prerequisite updates???), restore my files and get on with life. Of course this meant losing several very important programs, like my financial software, for which the install disks are back home in VA, but if figured I could make do for a little while...especially if it meant wasting less time with Dell support. Well, it turns out that Data Safe is not so #@%&!`* safe. I've logged nearly 30 hours of time that I didn't have this week online with Dell support trying to retrieve my data. Most of it is lost for good. Personal files, business files, school documents, all of my pictures from Germany, the whole 9 yards. By the way, Dell takes no responsibility for data backed up to Data Safe.

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