Saturday, April 12, 2008

Die Sonne scheint heute

There was this strange ball of light in the sky today that made everything really bright and dried up most of the puddles. No rain, snow, or hail fell from the sky, which was also unusual. According to people who talk about the weather, April 2007 was the warmest month in Berlin. An average of something like 27 C. I'd guess that so far the April '08 average is more like 7 C. Today was so nice, I just walked around my neighborhood until my feet hurt. I know what you're thinking...Oh great, he's run out of material and has sunken to a new low in which he just discusses the weather.

I went back to the Fundburo on Tuesday, but they didn't have my hat. I'm starting to come to terms with it being lost forever, but occasionally still scan heads on the street for it and think about what I might say and/or do if I ever see some asshole wearing it.

We completed our 2nd module yesterday, which means we are two-thirds finished, and things are feeling pretty good. I took advantage of a great opportunity yesterday by analyzing some water from the new brewery in Roanoke. I had the owners send me a sample and Katrin let me do some analyzes in the lab before my regular CTA Friday lab. It made for a long day, but was great practice and of course good to have more results ("1 value is no value." -Katrin) for our water parameters so that we can treat it appropriately once I get back. I hope to discuss the results with Dr. Ahrens sometime next week. Ahrens is the resident water expert and he teaches our water and waste water classes. I think my extra practice will also be a big help when it comes time for the 8 hour practical portion of the CTA lab exam at the end of the course. This picture isn't from my water analysis, but it was one of the better looking CTA lab pictures I could find. I think Lane took it.

Last night, we ran into Ingo (our economics professor) at a bar and he was telling me that VLB is considering offering an e-learning chemistry course prior to the normal program for those coming here with little-to-no chemistry background. I think this would be a great improvement to the program. Definitely ask about this if you are considering attending the course in the future.

Finally, you should check out John Lane's report on something really crazy that we saw the other day in a cemetery (especially if you are planing to die in or have your remains sent to Berlin).

OK wait, one more thing...I added a poll on that section over there on the right. It's under the LinkedIn profile button and above the links section. (sorry, I know that's confusing) I'd really appreciate it if you took a couple of seconds to fill it out. You can check multiple boxes. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Jeremy said...

aahhh, April 07. Twas sweet. drinking bockbier while building the hop garten in the sweet sweet sunshine! Good times, man.

Also, what did i tell you about Katrin and her 1 value? You should have said that the first day and you would have been "in".

Also also, there is no "i attended VLB previously" option on your poll, so i'm going to go with "John's Mother"

good luck.


Margaret said...

Only 58 days left to blog, better make 'em count.

Cora-Semmes said...

I am John's mom and I checked MY BOX.

Hey Jeremy, Willkommen to the family. Hmm, John will be busy buying and sending out more than one card on Mother's Day this year.

Reading this diary makes it hard to just look at bier without wondering about its hops and water.

Good luck in all papers and exams, John. See you in 57days!

Anonymous said...

John, I've been following your blog with great interest, and am looking forward to having a brew in Roanoke.

Good luck and keep well, Bruce

Jpickral said...

You really should have bought your mom something nice on Mother's Day. I checked your box out of sympathy Ms. Bryce. Good Work buddy and I'm looking forward to getting to Roanoke for a beer. Sons of thunder!

Derick said...

Recently I moved from Roanoke to Ft Collins CO partly for the beer...maybe I could be convinced to move back if your brews can compete with my new found love of New Belgium's stock.