Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eat While You Can.

It's taken months, but I've finally got most of the Germans in my house (and some not in my house) saying "hey." Up until recently, they used to always say "hello" (pronounced ha-lo), but I'm changing them - one at a time. Sure, I've made an impact, but it's not like the mark John Lane has left. He's added an entire new word to the dictionary. Don't believe me? It's true, look here. Felipe's got some great ones too, but nothing in the dictionary just yet. Last weekend he took a few of us to a Brazilian restaurant (since he's Brazilian). He said it was, "Eat while you can." Expecting to be timed (perhaps by the actual soup nazi from Seinfeld), having to fend off attackers who would try to steel my food, or maybe even just impatient waitresses who might try to clear away my plate before I finished, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that none of these were true. It was, in fact, all-you-can-eat. We did that and then some, which naturally led to a discussion about Roman banquets and how the attendees would stuff themselves until they had to use our favorite new addition to the dictionary so they could continue eating. I like to eat, but I can't imagine ever wanting to do that.

p.s. Do you think this obligates me to take everyone out to an American restaurant?

After our exam yesterday, we worked off some steam in the hop garden. Two new plants went in the ground, wire was strung, weeding completed, and Felipe put a hurt'n on some wild hop plants (verboten), but that's a whole other story. The weather was Berlin (aka miserable) but we had a few beers, so it all evened out. Here's a great shot of Sheng, Xiaohong "Joy" from China taking pictures and John Lane drinking while everyone else worked. Oh yeah, you're probably wondering about that first picture...It's from today's Simatic S7 course. We were playing with RTD's (Resistance Temperature Detector), not burning down the automation lab.


Jeremy said...

mah hops! is that christain the maltster in the middle hoeing?

I sure do miss it there.


Michelle C said...

mmmm. Estou com saudades de churrasquiera de Brasil! Quando eu fui a Brasil, meus amigo e eu comi no restaurante muitas vezes. Eu amo Brasil! Felipe can translate! Hurry up and get back to Blacksburg.