Friday, April 4, 2008

So you're telling me there's a chance?

Another long week. There seems to be less and less free time each week, and we're getting ready to start the final module which means even more special lectures and longer days in class. Two exams next week, brewing during the weekend, another big paper due shortly afterwards, and then another brewing weekend. I'm trying to fit in work for the Roanoke brewery in the gaps. It's been pretty stressful lately, but it's going to pay off in the end. We just started our Sensory Analysis class and it's quite interesting/fun. Currently, we're identifying our individual stimulus, recognition, and difference thresholds. I think this training is going to be very valuable. Our chemistry professor teaches sensory analysis too, and he's finally started to write a little bigger and use a black marker (rather than unreadable green or red), which means I can actually follow some things now. Speaking of boards, Thomas developed a new (and rather unorthodox) technique for cleaning the dry erase board.

We got a brief glimpse of some nice weather and then it went back to cold and rainy Berlin. It seems to hail at least once a day at my house and if it's not already raining, it almost always begins doing so within 30 minutes after I get home. It's actually pretty good luck on my end that it seems to wait for me to get inside a lot. In the bad luck department, I lost my favorite hat running for the subway on Tuesday. I went to the Fundburo (BVG lost and found) yesterday to look for it. They didn't have it, but man was that place impressive...Hundreds, if not thousands, of lost hats, gloves, coats, whatever, all tagged and organized by when and in which part of the...well, massive mass transit system they were found. They told me to come back next week and based on the scale and organization of this operation, I think I will. "...So you're telling me there's a chance?"

John Lane finally cut his hair and beard. The results from the microbiological analysis of his beard will be posted on his blog (my links section) a week from Wednesday. Also, on Monday I had to extend my visa to stay here in Germany (they said I could stay), but that's a whole other blog entry. The BVG threatened to strike again on Monday and then didn't at the last minute, so we all had to wake up an hour early for no reason. If you're thinking of visiting Berlin, don't come until this strike nonsense is officially finished - it is terribly inconvenient.

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