Friday, May 30, 2008


We made it. I don't know if I passed biochemistry or not, but it doesn't matter. My other grades have been trickling in and are good enough to offset the possible failing grade, so (unless I get hit by a bus prior to the ceremony) I will be receiving a diploma next week! We (the whole class) leave for a whirlwind industry tour in northern Germany at 5am on Monday. Our stops are: Stralsunder Brauerei (Stralsund), Malteurop (Rostock), KRONES (Flensburg), Flensburger Brauerei (Flensburg), Holsten-Brauerei (Hamburg), KHS (Hamburg), KWS Lochow (Bergen-Wohlde), and InBev/Hasseroeder (Wernigerode). Sounds fun, but exhausting. I doubt anyone will get much sleep on the bus with Felipe running his mouth the whole time.

With biodisappointemistry already out of the way, I've got reviews of some other core subjects up next, followed by highlights of the upcoming 4-day excursion and graduation, and finally this blog's conclusion: an overall review of the program and some suggestions for future participants.

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