Thursday, May 1, 2008

Holy Humulus Lupulus!

The weather in Berlin has been amazing lately. So good that we've been checking on the hop garden between classes. Those suckers grow fast (up to 30cm in one day)! Check out this one. The ties on the wire represent only 24 hours.

I have some good news that you probably won't care about. After a couple of weeks of struggle, I finally recovered the bulk of my files from Data Safe. It wasn't pretty and I definitely recommend uninstalling the program if you have it and think it is doing anything good for you. Afterwards, I was so happy that I sent this really nice thank you note to Dell. (And when I say nice, I mean that it was nicer than the death threat that I wanted to make.)

Here's a picture of the bottle inspector at VLB that George taught us about, here's me sterilizing the membrane filtration unit in microbiology, here's Katrin showing us how foam stability is analyzed, and here's Mike preaching the gospel according to MEBAK to us during CTA. This entry feels very John Lane-esque...minus the extra pounds of course. (ouch!)

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