Sunday, June 1, 2008

More Reviews: Microbiology & Sensory Analysis

Microbiology: I never felt like I was learning a lot during this class, but now that it's over, I can see that I most certainly did. This course is held every week throughout all 3 modules and consists of a regular classroom lecture, followed by the practical work in the lab. It's difficult to breath in the lab with the lack of ventilation and all of those burners...burning, so I often found myself more focused on getting out of the room than learning, but I guess it all worked out in the end. The practical work is a real strength of VLB, and this is one of those classes where how well you do/how much you learn is really a factor of what you put in. Dr. Hinrichs isn't going to hold your hand and lead you through anything, but he's 100% there when you have questions/ask for help. Involve him in your thought processes and problems and you'll be better off for it. Hinrichs is one of VLB's best instructors, and was a definite favorite of our class. He also is hilarious and likes to yell, "Heat-ing-Test!"

Sensory Analysis: Dr. Hardt did a good job with this class, given the amount of time allotted for it, which was insufficient. We didn't actually get into this class until the 3rd module and it's a real shame. I think sensory analysis is some of the most important kind of training there is in this line of work, and while I might occasionally use it as an excuse to go drinking, in all seriousness it is difficult/impossible to train without professional guidance. I think most participants were disappointed that this class ended up being more of an overview to the subject rather than serious actual training. Future CBC classes should put some pressure on VLB to make this course a higher priority and there is no reason it couldn't start in the the 1st module and go for the entire program.

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